Here’s what I do when I’m not Sailing

Nowadays, from a little kid to a big old person, everyone is using a smart phone for its versatile feature rich capability of handling various applications. Whatever it may be like games, entertainment, education, news, fun, finance, health & fitness, lifestyle, music, simulation, editors etc. for everything we have some applications to work on. So it is the applications that adds a big plus to the smart phones.


Movies are the best entertainment to most of us in the current world scenario. There are about thousands of movies which gets released every month all over the world. We the movie lovers can’t watch all our favorite movies in the big screen because of our work schedule and other stuffs that we need to take care of. We can barely watch at least two movies within a week and that too by properly allotting some time for it. But most of us waste some of our valuable time by travelling as a daily routine, waiting for someone, some killing hours at work etc. We are not using these times for any other thing because we are already in the middle of getting something done during that waiting period. So it’s clear that we all have such kind of free hours during our daily life routine which we can valuably use it for watching our favorite movies, TV shows, live shows etc.

Movies on Smartphones

We can watch different newly released popular movies and TV shows in our smart phone itself. There are so many applications available in the market for facilitating this need of ours. But every movie streaming apps will charge some amount of money for watching new/popular movies and live TV shows. All of us can’t afford to pay for such things that we do in our free time. So we are in need of some free application which don’t charge us for anything and that need is fulfilled by the ShowBox application.

This Showbox APK is available for both the android and iOS smartphones. But this app is not available in the google play app store but the user can install it manually by downloading it freely through internet. By the way, here’s what I’m watching currently:

Showbox is regarded as one of the best free apps for watching movies and other TV shows. This app also allows users to watch movies in high definition (HD). The size of this app is around 20 MB which is smaller than other paid streaming apps. The user count of this app is very large because of its free service. Moreover, the graphical user interface of this application is way better than other applications available in the market today.

We can even make use of subtitle feature to watch other language movies with subtitles. We can watch the missed episodes of our favorite TV shows right from any place. We can download the full video of a movie or TV show and can watch it later by offline. I hope you got the best way to watch HD movies freely through this app in your smart device. Keep in mind that this app is currently available on the Android platform only, so in case you are an iOS user, you can try out the Movie Box App from the App Store. If you any query, feel free to ask. Thank you for reading this article.

40 Years of DYKV – Grand Celebration at Lake Eder

Dear all!

In 2016 we commemorate 40 years of German Yngling Association DYKV. We want to welcome you to an anniversary regatta to the attractive Edersee/ Lake Eder on May 28 and 29, 2016. The Lake positioned in North Hessen near Kassel is just one of Germany’s biggest reservoirs.

The lake, you will certainly locate a preferred vacation region with a large variety of probabilities. We will certainly give various activities – beginning May 22 – for hobby seafarers as well to run into Lake Eder by boat or on land besides the regatta itself.

Please make a note of the dates. You will certainly locate the programme with all information at:

We would be really happy to welcome you at Lake Eder in May!